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Depending on this, you intend to provide a flat or separately important House, likely some differences to be responsible.

If the style is about an apartment, then, to the sample, the possibility that the insurance option comes with walls, extremely is tiny because they often just do not insure, to avoid unjustified costs.

What are often only insure the apartment? Like verhovodilo, this processing. Approach insurance companies to this voproscu there may be different-some insure square meters, rest-pokimnatno and so on. In addition, the company is the insurer can personally conceive of materials of any of the rooms or throughout the apartment as a whole.

Be prepared for the fact that for the first and last resort floors insurance companies have excessive requests. This is due to the increasing theft and fire scores for the main floor, and with the choice of roof-to extreme levels.

In these options is checked, when extreme times ran a fix at home, protected by doors and Windows, what materials were applied as a finish to some stairs are no fires and bays etc. Evaluate have all chances, including neighbors, any social status, these people and how favorable area of residence as a whole.

If housing is a House, then the style is about remaining risks. So, for example, cause the neighbors to a minimum and is combined here are the material of the House, plays a primary role. From the point of view of insurers, charcoal House the least safe than fixed, because the danger is increasing against him. But if to speak about wood House with impregnation, the bidder insurance already. It can cheapen and pool ready around the House. Yes, Yes, pool. The fact of the matter is that in addition to its own main function, it plays the role of fire pools and thus lowers the risk that the House can burn. That's why superior all aspects.

Property insurance within housing

Process insurance wealth, staying outside of the House or apartment, owns some individuality. First, this survey only to the location. There, one thing or another asset can exist is bound to a specific real estate property up to the Chamber. The household appliances, furniture parts, etc. A number of companies have taken care of to signify that the asset limit will be insured outside of a particular premises.
This can be done for this to the insurance firm was confident that when the insurance options in a particular room, for example, fire, specifically in the upper room be bound thereto. Naturally, there is also an asset that cannot be (or extremely difficult) to involve directly taken upper room, for example, paintings, clothes, kitchen utensils and so on. This asset, as verhovodilo is insured within the House or apartment in which it increasingly appear.
For those things there are the so called raised liability limit.

There is an expensive asset, for example, furs, precious stones, etc. To include it in the videtsâ limit is not likely, because such things are written separately with an indication of their specific features. Sometimes such options especially will need to add the photo stuff or conduct expert assessment (for example, with art).

To summarize the above. Movable asset outside housing can exist is insured as to the bound and without. Clothes, household, insure, or limit liability, or emit specific things with specific characteristics and prescribe these things together with their cost.

Buying the right insurance policies for yourself and family

Responsibly come to life insurance. Do not let yourself seduce prescription buy permanent insurance policy. As can be seen from its name, it will provide you insurance now in motion, while premium will be receiving all the time. It was postponed by the insurance company for the supply of payment of insurance redemption trusted ličikam in the event of your death. This is an extremely expensive insurance contract that has a significant drawback: it is impossible to change its characteristics. So if you have not paid one fee, you do not take retribution. After this period, the insurance premium is not voračivaetsâ.

You have the chance again to finish the insurance contract in the latest period. You will be able to reduce costs even more at zastrahovanie, if you decide to purchase the insurance type, which is called "promotional Chin home storage earnings." In the case of your death, the insurance company will pay for any members of your family the perfect amount of household annual income over the remaining life of the Act only insurance policy (rather than a fixed amount).

Consider the ease of inflation. Today the world situation such that insurance coverage through 250 rubles, LLC may be only 50 years to amount out of pocket costs. That is why bother about insurance protection in line with inflation during the period of the insurance policy Act. You can buy a huge amount of insurance on most later step acts or policy foresee automatic increasing of sum insured any year (or quarter), depending on the rate of inflation. Suggest that you elect version 2: as if then useful to receive additional charge an insurance policy, to change the effect of inflation, your accrual will depend on your age at the time.

Understand exactly what you give to insure. Here is what is worth watching when you're buying insurance, especially for owners: if it is not noticed, what specifically does not cover insurance coverage means it guarantees protection, that touches the family wealth. Let's consider a very suggestive example. Say you have aliens landed in the living room with the planet "Xenon" and claimed that you gave them your samoočiŝaûŝuûsâ oven. They argue that this vital need them. As for your favorite Doggie aims the laser gun, nothing remains for you, how to enable newcomers to select your favorite them appliances. You now need a new microwave means you call your insurer to hand in application for payment. However, if you tell the insurance agent that the oven you have "claimed" aliens, he very probably will say: "sorry, but your insurance does not cover cases of loss due to the fault of the aliens. "And in fact, if this option is not specified in your policy criteria, means he machine connected to it.

Don't even think about loyalty. Insurance companies often praise the advantageous conditions of insurance cars, houses and annual trips for newest customers. However, through the year fee to restore insurance can find themselves already does not so cute. Companies rely on the inertia of its own buyers: since almost all of them extend insurance would only pay and not waste time. But if you look, that specifically give at this point, other insurance companies and get the latest regulations, as it turned out, allowed to poèkonomit′ considerable amounts of money! The Internet has significantly simplified the wanted list: quite enjoy adequate sites. You can even hire a broker who will do this work for you. See, for example, the Association Prof insurance brokers and consultants.

Loan insurance

The risk of non-return borrowers loans pushes lenders to cooperate with insurance companies, the latter also beneficial alliance with banks, typically the lender cooperates with several insurance companies (from time to time only works with one).

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